Academic Essays as an Important Element of Learning Achievements

Academic essays are the most common assignments used in educational settings for assessment. They are assigned to students in order to check their ability to develop a topic after having researched it carefully. An academic essay is a short piece of writing that addresses a problem or a question usually in science and literature. It may be written for various purposes.

Almost all types of the essay follow the same general structure, consisting of a brief introduction, a set of issues concerning the main question that shape a logical argument in the main body and a short summary of the content in a conclusion. To perform the task, students are supposed to use printed or web sources, that must be enumerated according to a certain reference style. An essay has a formal tone and a good grammar. Each paragraph has its purpose, either supporting the main topic or an idea that touches upon it.

One would say that writing academic essays is a simple task. But to complete it, a student needs not only profound knowledge but good writing skills. Of course, nobody waits for a writer’s masterpiece. It is all about showing the ability to express your ideas in words. The student should answer a particular question or argue a specific issue with references to the scientific works. And a special attention should be given to the accuracy of the essay. An ability to write a good essay is extremely essential in reaching an academic success.

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